Public Participation Forum on the Urban Housing Renewal & Regeneration Policy

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CDA Regulations 2017 training in Kwale County

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IHRD 2018 Football Tournament

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Protest against ongoing forced  evictions

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State of Housing in Kenya Conference

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Introduction of phase II of Kwale County project

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Ford Foundation partners learning and exchange session in Kwale County on 27th April 2018

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Launch of “Tension Between Human Rights & Development” report

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Bwiti ECD furnished through advocacy

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LAPSSET discussions in Garissa County

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Enhancing Social Accountability in Kenya’s Health Sector 2018 Conference

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Olkaria IV meeting with PAPs

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Public participation forum Kibra Constituency – March 2018

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Socio-economic Conference 2018

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PAPs affected by JKIA-Rironi road project training on compensation

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New Office Warming Event

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Donations to Duncan Ndegwa School-Kwale County

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Discussions on the Mombasa Housing Policy

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Two day training on Isiolo CIDP

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Two day fact finding forum with Masai community in Olkaria to secure justice for communal land rights violations

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Aspiring MCAs in Mukuru wa Reuben signed contracts binding them to prioritize WASH

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Members of Mskumo Bora meeting at Bumamani – Kwale

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Kwale residens meeting

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Garissa CIDP Training

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Two day fact finding Olkaria Naivasha

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Training on WASH in Mukuru informal settlement

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Our ED-Pauline Vata presenting at the World Bank Conference

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Training in Kisumu on the Housing Bill

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Training on provision of basic services in mega project areas – Isiolo county

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Hakijamii staff

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Human Rights Day 2016

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Capacity building session in Garissa county

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Partners workshop

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Visit of Ecuador

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Garissa county discussions on the LAPSSET project

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Isiolo county discussions on the LAPSSET project

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Forced evictions in Masai village informal settlement

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Meeting with partners in Garissa county

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Multi-stake holder forum in Mombasa county

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Community mapping in Isiolo county

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Multi-stake holder forum in Garissa county

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Forced evictions in Kibagare informal settlement

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Forced evictions in Deep Sea informal settlement

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Exchange visit with Rwanda partners

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Garsen Primary

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Human Rights Day 2015

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