NPSN & KISORA on the way to financial sustainability In its efforts to create strategic partnerships with the new devolved governments Hakijamii in partnership with the Kakamega Local Urban Forum (LUF) met key senior officials from Kakamega County on the 15th of July 2013. The meeting which was held at Kakamega Golf Hotel was attended by six members of the Kakamega County Executive Committee.

With generous support from many partners especially the Finnish Foundation of Human Rights (KIOS), the two community networks have continued to grow in terms of resources, membership, knowledge, and community advocacy work

Starting with resource centres, the two groups have now managed to get funding from American Jewish World Services (AJWS) and KIOS to undertake community advocacy campaigns around eviction law and other housing rights issues in their respective areas. This has also seen them mobilize support for representation within the political set up with both networks having representation of at least two county representatives who were part of the networks.

Hakijamii congratulates these two great grassroots initiatives and promises to continue to provide them with all the support they need to consolidate their gains and spearhead community-led advocacy.