Hakijamii conducted a one day spot check in Isiolo County on 30th March 2017 and during the said spot check inquired into emerging issues and new areas of intervention in which the Organization can be involved in. Education was among the many issues raised which required the Organization’s intervention. It was stated that there was under staffing as most teachers don’t want to be posted outside town hence schools in town are over staffed whereas in the interior there is major understaffing, lack of facilities in the schools, ghost teachers, hiring teachers on political preference, there is budget allocation for uniforms and food for ECD Students but the same are never provided. Hakijamii intended  to address this by first holding a one day dialogue forum in which we invited parents, teachers, county government officials and members of the community to sensitize them on the right to education and what that entailed under the law. The forum was well attended by representatives from the Civil Society, CBOs, FBOs and local community members.

Before the dialogue forum, we paid a visit to several schools in the region including Ngaramara Primary School, KK Nkengechia Primary School and Little Angels Primary School to see the state of education in the County. Two of the schools visited have been affected negatively by the LAPSSET Project as they stand to lose their land through compulsory land acquisition.

There was a one day sensitization forum where Hakijamii introduced the participants to the right to education and for the sake of those who were in attendance for the first time introduced what Hakijamii does and generally what Economic, Social and Cultural Rights are. Thereafter the members were sensitized about Low Cost Private Schools which is in existence in Isiolo and then examined the budget of Isiolo County to monitor the progress of allocation to ECDE Centres. Finally, we examined the Monitoring Tool developed by Hakijamii for ECDE Centres and trained the members on how to collect data using the same. The data collected will contribute to the compilation of the annual score card on the state of ESC rights in Kenya.

We paid a visit to three schools in Isiolo County and had an interview with the head teachers. The purpose of the visits was to see the state of the schools and the quality of education being offered and collect information on the challenges faced on access to education