Disclosure and Discussions of Buxton and Khadija Estates Enumeration Data (7 November 2019).

Disclosure and Discussions of Buxton and Khadija Estates Enumeration Data (7 November 2019).

  • Start: Nov 7th, 2019
  • End: Nov 7th, 2019
  • Time: From 9 am

In 2015, the County Government of Mombasa initiated the urban renewal and regeneration programme, which aims at bringing down the old county estate houses with newly to be constructed houses through a private-public-partnership. Several actors thereafter have been trying to get as much information as possible on the programme, without much success including some of the tenants who were not satisfied with the explanations being given by their landlord. This prompted the Coast Land Non-State Actors (CLNSA) to seek the courts redress on the matter on the following grounds: non-adequacy on public participation, only affected estates were engaged; possibility of sale of public land through this venture; not enough information is available on the project to the wider public of Mombasa However, much CLNSA lost both at the high and appeal courts, the judges gave conditions for the County Government of Mombasa on how to proceed with the project. Key among this was continuous information sharing and conduct wider engagement with Mombasa residents.

From September 2018, the County Government started issuing notices to specific estates for them to vacate as stipulated, with the promise that relocation allowances will be given. The respective estate leaders held a meeting with CLNSA members and shared their sentiments and fairs. One of the fundamental issue that arose from the meeting was, they were not very sure who is on the county data base as a tenant as most of them, moved in as tenants of the main tenant. Though, there was an exercise carried out by the County Government towards regularization in 2016, this report has not been shared with the tenants, hence the relocation costs may have individuals who are not part of the current tenants.

It was agreed that an enumeration be carried out in order to:

  1. Identify all current tenants
  2. Identify all persons living or conducting businesses in these estates
  3. Know the exact number of households as currently are in the estates
  4. Inform the preparation of a relocation action plan (if need)
  5. Help strengthen community formations


To this end, data was collected and the disclosure and discussions of Buxton and Khadija estates enumeration data is intended to achieve the following obejectves:

  1. To present findings of the enumeration exercise to the community representatives and its implications.
  2. To validate community members database developed from the questionnaires.
  3. To establish the position of the County Government position on the ongoing discussions on the Mombasa Urban Renewal and Regeneration Program.



  1. Validated and authenticated enumeration data.
  2. Buxton and Khadija enumeration database developed.




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