Participatory budgeting and public participation is currently being embraced by citizens and
governments around the world, and is a prerequisite under the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the
Public Finance Management Act.
Hakijamii  has been at the forefront in linking resource allocation to realization of economic, social and cultural rights in Kenya. Failure to participate in the budget-making process means that one may miss out on opportunities to influence increased access to basic services.
Under policy research, we have been at the forefront in advocating for equity in resource allocation. It has been a common practice for the counties (sub-national level of governance in Kenya) to share resources equally among all the wards. For instance, in this case, the Ward Development Fund. This has been the case despite the great disparity in resource endowment across the wards. In collaboration with our partners, we have been pushing for amendments to the various legislation used for resource allocation to ensure that the principle of equity is observed. In addition to that, Hakijamii has been pushing for increased transparency and openness in public finance.



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