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The Kibos case came for a hearing today in open court in Kisumu. All the advocates for the community were present, as well as the Office of the AG who represent most of the Respondents.
We were ready for the case to be heard, but the AGs office requested 10 extra days to file their response. Our advocates urged the court to consider the current dire situation of the community, with a video of the adverse conditions being shown to the judge in court.
The situation moved the judge to adopt stricter timelines for the case, setting the judgment day for 30th July 2021. The parties were given strict timelines to file and serve their responses. The Court also accepted the request of the community’s advocates for the court to visit the ground to understand the situation. The court requested that a surveyor from the Railways and our surveyor be present for the visit so as to enable the court to make an informed decision. The court visit is scheduled for 8th July. The July dates were issued because the judge is proceeding on leave from Monday next week for a period of 30 working days and only reporting back on the 3rd of July.


Dr. Nicholas Orago- Executive Director

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