The first quarter of 2021 has been an exciting one which has seen the organization implement several activities within its programmatic themes. From Litigation of the #Kibos case to documenting the Impact of #UnsafeAbortion
in Mombasa county. We have continued with our trajectory of growth, amplified our voices as we advocated for human rights, and solidified our relationships within our areas of work and our networks. All this whilst remaining steadfast in our core: Putting people first. Our work continues to be more crucial as we witness the rising numbers of the Covid-19 Pandemic as this pandemic has clearly shown the importance of health as a human right and socio-economic rights that we continue to highlight in our work. This Newsletter, therefore, is a brief of some of the highlights of our work within this first quarter.

Dr. Nicholas Orago: Executive Director


Ogiek win another landmark victory in African Court

  MRG welcomes the pathbreaking judgment of the African Court...


@HakijamiiEsrc is privileged to participate in the first Annual Justice...

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