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Terms of Reference

To conduct an Evaluation of project in Nairobi and Kisumu Counties



Economic and Social Rights Centre (Hakijamii) is a National Human Rights Organization that works with marginalized groups to support them to claim their economic and socio-cultural rights thus its overriding mission is to strengthen the capacity of people’s organizations to effectively and directly participate in advocating and realizing their economic, social and cultural rights. Hakijamii also champions for development of policies to advance the interests and socio-economic rights of the people to live in dignity.

Hakijamii is implementing a three year project (2017- 2020) in the counties of Nairobi and Kisumu. The project aims at promoting the realization of economic and social rights through enhanced participation of the urban poor in Public Finance Management processes. The emphasis of the project is on strengthening capacity and knowledge of community representatives/leaders and partnerships with national and county governments for effective, development and implementation of plans and budgets responsive to urban poor in project target counties.

The projects outcomes include enhanced inclusivity of low income groups in Public Finance Management; Enhanced  credibility and ownership of county budget processes by citizens; Enhanced compliance of participatory budgeting processes by duty bearers for realization of socio-economic rights; Increased capacity of civil society organizations to monitor implementation of socio-economic rights and increased access to basic services at county level as a result of transparent and accountable use of the scarce resources.

Comprehensive information about the both projects and their planned outcomes, outputs and indicators can be found in project documents.


Objectives of the Evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation is to

  • Assess from the project implementation process, achievements, challenges faced and lessons in the two project counties.
  • Examine the achieved results counter to the stated objectives, implementation strategies pursued to do so, and the extent to which the overall impact was achieved.
  • Provide recommendation on areas of further work and intervention


Specific Outputs

The evaluation team will document the results and impact of the projects; sharing the learning and challenges among project implementers, partners and stakeholders. The measures used shall at the very least cover the following themes; Relevance; Effectiveness; Efficiency; Sustainability, Design and Impact.


Scope of Work

The project end-term evaluation will cover two counties of Nairobi and Kisumu. In Nairobi, the project is implemented in informal settlements of Kibra, Mathare, Korogocho, Kariobangi, Kaptagat, Deep-sea and Kisumu’s Nyalenda, Obunga, Manyatta, Manyatta Arab, Bandani and Kibos. All relevant stakeholders –CSOs, government, community representatives who directly or indirectly participated in project implementation will be consulted. This will involve field visits to a selection of sub-recipients or communities in project target counties. This will include Key informant interviews meetings and focused group discussions with main actors involved in the project. The use of participatory tools for data collection and analysis is highly recommended. These will be discussed and agreed upon between the evaluation team and Hakijamii. 


Duration of the Evaluation

The project evaluation process shall take a total of 20 working days during the months of November –December 2020.  Field work will be carried out in both Nairobi and Kisumu counties between 23rd November and 4th December 2020. The draft report resulting from the evaluation will be submitted to Hakijamii by 9th December and the final report submitted by 12th December.


Consultant Requirement:

The consultants will be evaluation experts with the following profile:

  • Master’s degree in social sciences or development combined with comprehensive training in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Proven experience in conducting excellent evaluations and assessing development programs especially in the area of socio, economic and cultural rights and governance
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English is mandatory. Local language skills would be helpful
  • Proficiency in the use of statistical packages for data analysis, proficiency in use of computers and electronic modes of communication
  • Excellent analytical, writing and presentation skills which will be demonstrated through submission of at least 2 reports of concluded assignments of a similar nature


Administrative Support and Logistics

The Consultants will be directly responsible to the Executive Director and will widely consult and receive support from the: responsible Program Manager and the MEAL Specialist.

In order to support the actualization of this assignment and within stipulated timelines, Hakijamii will also provide the following:

  • All necessary program reference documents
  • Logistical support including field travel and accommodation will be provided as per Hakijamii policy to facilitate field work processes. Therefore, these should not be included in the quote.


Key Tasks

The key tasks includes to:

  • Develop evaluation proposal (technical and financial) indicating complete understanding of the Terms of Reference. The proposal must include relevant methodology for conducting qualitative and quantitative evaluation of each component as outlined in this ToRs, and relevant instruments. The proposal should clearly outline work organization for this assignment considering operationalization of the proposed methodologies and delivery of assignment within stated timelines, to achieve the objectives of the evaluation and answer the evaluation questions.
  • Develop, share and discuss with Hakijamii the inception report upon award with clear deliverables and timelines
  • Develop relevant tools for data collection.
  • Conduct desk review of program documents including the project proposal, capacity assessment reports, field activity reports (both financial and program), grants management tools and manuals, project reports and other relevant literature and with support of key program staff – as outlined in other sections above.
  • Conduct a comprehensive and participatory evaluation as a means of gathering insights/ information from Primary project recipient, sub recipients, and other related government departments and committees that are affected in one way or the other by the project. With the support of Hakijamii, the consultants will identify the key informants and prepare an evaluation framework with the proposed methodology, including tools for data collection and analysis that are envisaged
  • Field work and/or visits to a selection of sub-recipients or communities where project activities have been implemented as stated under the scope of work section
  • Carry out a comparative analysis of the evaluation findings and present preliminary findings to Hakijamii for review.
  • Present all data sets and materials generated from this evaluation.
  • Facilitate an evaluation validation meeting with Hakijamii and partners
  • Finalize the project evaluation report.


Key Deliverables and expected Outputs

The evaluation is expected to provide analysis of information received in the review of each of the areas stated herein and recommendations on each of the above program evaluation components. The consultant will submit the following deliverables:

  1. Inception Report
  2. Draft report including preliminary findings
  3. Final Report (Detailed end of project evaluation report and a popular report)
  4. Power point presentation of the evaluation findings


How to apply

Interested applicants to submit proposal (technical and financial) in soft copy through our email address esrc@hakijamii.com not later than Tuesday 24th November 2020.


Gross #humanrightsviolation in KIBOS, Kisumu County https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8tarRjQsK4&feature=youtu.be    


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