Report on Advocacy Forum 17 10 2020 on Nairobi County Evictions Bill 2020

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Hakijamii being a Human Rights Organization with expertise in Economic and Social Rights has been working with communities in Kenya since 2004 to empower them and advocate for their rights. The Organization is currently implementing a project in implementing a project on the Protection of the Land and Housing Rights by sensitization on identification and prevention of breach of these Rights.

The Nairobi County Assembly drew and moved the bill with a bearing on the evictions and resettlement process.

  • Introduction

Hakijamii led the Housing Coalition on the review of the draft legislation to which the Coalition submitted a memorandum in support of the Rights Based Approach to evictions and resettlement.

Hakijamii pursued and secured a session for oral submission of the positions on the Bill that needed to be drawn to the attention of the Planning and Housing Committee having conduct of the Bill at the County Assembly.

The conversation on the Bill was very timely in the wake of rampant forced evictions within Nairobi County for one reason or the other leading to demolition.

Hakijamii was hosted by the Nairobi County Assembly Sectoral Committee on Planning and Housing to an Advocacy forum on the Evictions, Resettlement and Demolitions Bill 2020 at Pride Inn Shanzu on the 17th October 2020.


  • Create awareness to the committee of Hakijamii and the Rights Based approach to eviction and resettlement,
  • Identify and inform the committee of the risks that the Bill pauses to land and housing rights from the Rights Based Perspective of the preservation of Land and Housing Rights,
  • To present the Model Evictions and Resettlement Bill for consideration on further legislation at the county level.

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