Report: Capacity strengthening meeting for community representatives and policy implementation monitoring team on public finance and planning process in Nairobi City County.

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One day capacity strengthening meetings for community representatives and policy implementation monitoring team on public finance and planning process in Nairobi was held at YMCA, statehouse Road on Wednesday 19th August 2020. The meeting was attended by CSOs, representatives from local radio stations and mainstream media stations and community representatives from informal settlements including, Mathare, Mukuru kwa Reuben and Njenga, Kibra, Deep sea, Kaptagat, Kwangware and Soweto.

Mr. Omala of Hakijamii welcomed all participants to the meeting and provided a brief background of Hakijamii as well as recap on the last meeting with the participants in February 2020 before the coronavirus Pandemic.

Mr. Omala, took the participants through the meetings’ agenda and highlighted that the objective of the meeting was to firstly assess the status of public participation in county governance during the COVID-19 pandemic and secondly to share Hakijamii’s budget analysis findings on financial year 2020/21 Budget Estimates with focus on socio economic sectors: see Annex 1 for the meeting progam

 Presentation on Fiscal Year 2020/21 Budget Estimates analysis findings

A presentation was made by Ms. Nerima of Hakijamii focusing on the Legal framework on public participation, status of public participation in National and county governance and critical decision making processes during the COVID-19 pandemic specifically on: Transfer of critical county functions including County Health, Transport, Planning and Development, Public Works, Utilities and Ancillary Services to the National Government, altercations, debates and court cases touching on public finance management issues, Division of Revenue (DoR) stalemate at the senate, COVID-19 and corruption and findings from the analysis of FY 2020/21 budget estimates.

Reactions from the Participants

The following were reactions from the participants during the presentation:

  1. On the Question of public participation during the transfer of some county functions to the national government and the establishment of Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), participants raised their concerns as follows;
  • Citizens were only used to rubber-stamp the process
  • Few Nairobi residents were engaged in the process of public participation
  •  Citizens who attended the county public forums did not participate effectively due to political interference
  • Police were deployed in the venues of public participation in anticipation of chaos by participants
  • There was no proper procedure followed during the process
  • There was notable foul play as residents who attended the forums upon registration of participant list, were alleged to have endorsed the county functions transfer process


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