Memorandum to the Senate covid-19 committee

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Economic and Social Rights Centre (Hakijamii) is a national human rights organization duly registered in 2007 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the NGO Coordination Act. The organization has strategic community partners nationally and advocates for the realization of these partners’ Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The Organization’s thematic areas are Land, Housing and Litigation, Education, Health, Water & Sanitation and Policy Research & Budget. Pursuant to the Senate Resolution to establish this Ad Hoc Committee on response to the COVID 19 situation and subsequent call for submission of the memorandum, we do hereby tender our submissions and address you as follows.
Kenya has fallen victim to the global pandemic of the COVID 19 and has reported rising cases of infection as well as fatalities as a result of this deadly virus. The World Health Organization on 11th March 2020 declared the COVID 19 a global pandemic highlighting over three hundred thousand fatalities in over one hundred and ten countries with a risk of further spread. It is in this backdrop that the state has implemented several interventions seeking to address this global pandemic.
We shall seek to address ourselves to the specific Policy and Regulatory Measures as hereunder;

  1. The Policy Measures imposing Behavioral protocol aimed at containing infection such as;
    1.1 suspension of learning in all institutions,
    1.2 minimizing congestion by imposing social distancing measures affecting public transport and all other social gatherings,
    1.3 compulsory self-quarantine,
  2. Implementation of tax reliefs and other fiscal measures aimed at improving the disposable income for Kenyans,
  3. Establishment of the COVID 19 Emergency Response Fund seeking to provide a framework for the mobilization and management of resources toward responding to the COVID 19 outbreak.
    We loud the state for the recent interventions that are geared toward the prevention of further infection and reduction of further fatalities.

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