Access To Justice Symposium.

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20th February marks world day of social justice. In access to justice,the most affected are the ones living in the urban informal settlements. What does access to justice mean to them?


Social justice is paramount . In access to justice, most affected are the ones living in the urban informal settlements.Access to justice is more than improving an individual’s access to courts or legal representation. It is the ability for people to seek and obtain a remedy through formal or informal institutions of justice for.


Times have changed and you ought to keep learning and innovating. Legal minds must shun resistance as what was relevant years ago may no longer be relevant today. – Linda Bonyo (Lawyers Hub)


‘The question of relevance and influx of advocates in the Kenyan market should worry not legal scholars. The answer is: There’s so much you can do with a law degree but you need to be versatile.’ Dr. Freda Githiru (Deputy Director- JTI)


The law is made for the people and therefore it must serve the interests of the people.


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