Students’ safety in schools

A cloud of silence clearly welcomes you to this learning institution. Kakamega primary School. A learning institution that produced great minds, and now only somber moods engulf this school. A stampede  that saw 14 pupils killed, while 39 injured. It is a sad tale, only the strong ones can talk about it, perhaps in their small groups, a chat that can help them come into terms with what happened. A hard chapter that never crossed even the administration. And now the pain expressed and the dreams lost is written around the community.

Kakamega primary school

This comes barely five months after eight pupils died and 69 were injured when a classroom collapsed at precious talent primary school in Nairobi. The tragic incident occurred after a two-storey building housing junior and upper primary classes collapsed in what would expose a construction that had been described as a death trap for the young and innocent children.

Precious talent school

In September  2017, Eight students died and dozens others injured after a fire burnt down a dormitory at Moi Girls School Nairobi. A Form One student, who was among those treated after the incident said the dorm housed exclusively Form One girls and that there were screams and a stampede as girls tried to exit when the fire broke out.

Somber mood in Moi girls, Nairobi

These different episodes raise questions about the safety of children in Kenya’s schools. How safe are our children in schools?Safety measures need to be put in place to avoid a repeat of the same.

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