Locked between private interests and the desire for community land rights-case of Baringo County

Baringo County is compounded with one of the major threats to communal land ownership by virtue of privatization of community lands through the ongoing adjudication process.

This notwithstanding, Baringo is home to pastoralist activities having a large area being arid lands and the adjudication of the unregistered community lands in to private titles do not only threaten the pastoralism as an economic activity but also disenfranchises the communities of their communal land interests. Further to this, the presence of minerals in Baringo County has sparked a ray of hope to the marginalized populations of Baringo.

However, the absence of ownership of documents to their unregistered community lands adds the pain to an adjudication program converting lands to private titles threatening the communal lifestyle and management of land the community has always used.

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Contextually therefore, the Baringo Community is dealing with two major complexities in their quest for their community land rights:

a) the privatization of community lands through adjudication;

b) benefit sharing approaches from the revenue generated from the mining activities in unregistered community land.