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Economic and Social Rights Centre – Hakijamii is a national civil society organization working on governance in over 15 towns in Kenya. We seek among other things to amplify community voices to effectively demand their ESC rights and live a dignified life.  We continue to champion discourse for marginalized communities to effectively contribute to governance process at all levels. Our main strategies of achieving our goals are Advocacy, Public Interest Litigation, Research and Budgetary Allocation.

As an organization, we have made substantial contribution towards ESC rights policies and cut a niche in working with marginalized community groups in Kenya. This has been made possible through support from the government, donors, communities, CSO’s, CBO’s, FBOs amongst others.

In our quest to effectively deliver on our mandate, we embrace in-depth research and analysis on our core areas of work which includes right to housing. Last year, Hakijamii commissioned a report on “State of Housing in Kenya: Will Government Strategy Deliver on Social Housing?”. The report sought to establish facts about the proposed state housing programme under the Government’s Big 4 Agenda. Emphasis was on social housing delivery with regards to strategies, policies, programmes and proposed financing. Building on the findings of the State of Housing Report Vol 1 , we intends to continue building knowledge hub and proposals on effective delivery of The Right to Housing in Kenya. It is for these reasons  that we call upon services of a qualified consultant to assist with critical analysis on the State of Housing in Kenya . The main objective of the research is to document progress and emerging issues around realization of housing rights particularly by marginalized groups in Kenya.

Objective of the Assignment

Please find attached a detailed consultancy call for your action. Kindly take note that all applications should be received in soft copy through our email address esrc@hakijamii.com with the subject line: “State of Housing in Kenya Vol -2” on or before 21st June 2019.

  1. Conduct an overview and analysis on trends and patterns with regards to housing and evictions between 2013 and 2019 and establish the reasons for and impacts of evictions, in particular as a pathway to development projects.
  2. Analyse the status of County Preparedness to implement the Housing Agenda with key focus on county policies and planning documents.
  3. Analyse the Housing Finance Models in Kenya and complexities they pose to low income earners.
  4. Provide a status brief on the state of implementation of social housing in the context of the Big 4 Agenda.
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