10th May 2013 is a date set in the minds of the residents of City Carton informal settlement. Nearly 4000 homes were destroyed during the forced evictions. Fast forward to the present and the fear of re-living this nightmare may become a reality. Today more than 2000 residents are facing imminent forcible evictions due to road construction.

With Vision 2030 Infrastructural goals it is expected that road construction and expansion shall bring some disruption to the society. Residents of the informal settlement are not against the road construction but would like to be properly compensated and or relocated.

Amnesty Kenya in conjunction with Hakijamii held a Human Rights Café on the 31st day of May 2017 in City Carton. As the residents introduced themselves, it came out clearly that majority of them have lived there since birth. To many of them, this is the only place they have known as home. Most of them refer to City Carton as ‘Kismayo’ named after the port city in Somalia. When asked why, the response was that the name ‘Kismayo’ came after their previous evictions where they felt they were left separated or stranded in the middle of nowhere like the city which is right in the middle of water.


During the  Human Rights Café forum, residents of Deep Sea informal settlement  were invited and shared their experiences on forced evictions (Read here on The Deep Sea Evictions Miss Katunge and Mr. Antony Waria (both who are residents of Deep Sea and suffered immensely from the forced evictions) shared on how they refused to move from the informal settlement and fought for their rights which bore fruit as they were compensated and are now in the process of being resettled to a new land.


Through the discussions it was evident that the residents of City Carton were not well informed about their rights. Article 43 (1) (b) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 states that every person has the right to accessible and adequate housing and to reasonable standards of sanitation. Residents of City Carton have the right to have security in knowing they will be relocated to an area that won’t infringe on their rights.

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