This document describes Economic and Social Rights-Hakijamii strategy for the four-year period, 2021-2024. It sets out a realistic strategic programme that will allow Hakijamii to build on the achievements it has realised so far and take full advantage of the lessons it has learnt. This way, it will respond effectively to the changing environment and associated challenges in human rights work.

The strategic plan is driven by a core theme whose effervescent goal is Putting People First through promoting and protecting the socio-economic rights of marginalized communities in Kenya. Clear strategies and detailed activities have been developed to help achieve each of the set strategic themes, goals and objectives. The implementation of the proposed strategies will enhance the institutional capacity of Hakijamii and enable it to build synergy among key players in order to mitigate both external and internal challenges. The implementation will also provide the actual process through which the strategic objectives will be achieved.

I wish to give special thanks to the Board of directors for their special interest, guidance, and support during the preparation of the Plan. I wish also to thank most sincerely, our various stakeholders especially the communities who shaped this document. We also thank all our funders, Misereor, Ford Foundation, OSIEA and IPPF for their financial support and goodwill. Special thanks to the Management Committee Team and members of staff of Hakijamii who demonstrated extreme commitment during the planning process. Our success depends on our ability to generate the necessary resources we need for implementation of the strategic plan, our ability to work together as a team and our ability to monitor and evaluate the implementation.


Pauline Vata

Executive Director