The background of this is the realisation that government is moving from a passive role of non- interference to a more proactive role of provision of housing as per the Constitution. This report sought to establish the facts about the proposed state housing programme under ‘the Big 4’. This is based on the understating that informed inputs have the potential of significantly improving the programme.

The report focused specifically on social housing, given that this is one of the key area where majority of Kenyans are located, yet it is also one of the weakest areas in elaboration of the government’s housing programme.

The report reviewed government documents and academic literature. A key element of the study was field interviews in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa targeting County and National Government officials, experts, CSOs and CBOs and community members.

It is noteworthy that initial findings from this work is already being used by county governments of Kisumu and Mombasa as they develop their housing policies and civil society and communities as they engage county and national governments on the proposed housing programme.