Hakijamii recognizes that policy research and budget work is important to advance socio-economic rights in the country. The programme provides a platform for both community groups and the Civil Society Organizations for informed discussions to influence public policy both counties and national levels. The platforms are used to influence decision making to ensure public resources are being used effectively to meet public needs. We seek open, active and informed debates on public policy issues and undertake research to further inform policy dialogue and influence policy.

The Policy, Research and Budgeting Programme supports Hakijamii through:

  • Review and identification of policy gaps on existing policy documents such Land Act 2012, national Slum Upgrading and Prevention Policy, School Re-entry Policy 1994 etc.
  • Conducting Social Accountability through use of Score Cards
  • Capacity Building training citizens both at the county and national levels on budget cycle, budget preparation and use of alternative budgeting methods.
  • Actively engaged in Budget Analysis, Tracking, monitoring and implementation at the county and national levels.
  •  Advocated for ease of access to public information e.g. access to planning and budgeting documents, access of progress implementation reports,
  • Developed budget monitoring tools and reports e.g. use of GIS Mapping, Scorecards, Social audits.
  • Conducting research on various aspects on access to basic services, benefit sharing, citizen participation guidelines, state of housing in Kenya.
  • Developed Simplified publications, tools and materials to assist in budget tracking and dissemination of relevant information.
  • Pioneer organization to undertake “People’s Budget” in Kenya since 2007

Partnerships with organizations working on Budget and Policy Research:

We have partnered with various organizations to enhance the Policy Research and Budgeting Programme: The International Budget Partnership (IBP), Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), Social Movements working in different counties in Kenya, County Governments including Nairobi, Mombasa and Kakamega Counties.