The Land, Housing and Litigation program supports interventions that support the realization of the Right to Adequate Housing as envisioned under Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. We use a Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) to ensure all citizens have the enjoyment to the right to adequate housing including protection from Forced Evictions.

In a bid to foster the progressive realization of the Right to Adequate Housing, we seek to address several basic and crucial rights auxiliary to the enjoyment of this right which includes inter alia;

  1. The question of Land Rights, access to social-economic structures for social security,
  2. The issues of Water Health and Sanitation without which adequate housing cannot be achieved,
  3. Addressing issues of marginalization and historical injustice reinforcing discrimination of already vulnerable communities,
  4. Seeking redress for partners with a rampant or real risk of infringement of their Human Rights,
  5. Establishing and preserving avenues for dialogue to shape policy discussion affecting the Kenyan Human Rights Landscape.

The Land Housing and Litigation Programme support the Organization’s mandate through;

  1. Establishing and maintaining Social Justice Movements to support targeted and coordinated advocacy intervention on Matters Housing at a National and County Level,
  2. Designing and Implementation of Community and Partner capacity strengthening on the Right to Adequate Housing, Land and all auxiliary Rights,
  3. Reviewed, simplified and disseminated Policy and Legislative information affecting socio economic rights of the People of Kenya,
  4. Conducting research on the true reflection on the realities of Housing in Kenya with targeted dissemination to influence Policy interventions at both levels of government,
  5. Building the capacity of Communities to understand the Alternative Dispute Resolution Framework and how to explore them as options for the protection of Housing Rights,
  6. Engaging in ground breaking Litigation to influence jurisprudence on Housing Matters and protect the Rights of the Communities facing eminent risk of violation of Housing Rights.
  7. Identified and Mapped the Capacity Gaps within the community networks, we have developed and are implementing a capacity strengthening strategy for our communities in;
    1. Kibos, Kisumu County
    2. Likoni, Mombasa County
    3. Kibra, Nairobi County

We are further reviewing new partnerships with communities that have approached us for partnership as we seek to build bigger Social Movement Networks.

  •  Held Partner and Community engagement on the impending Constitutional Discourse with the aim of influencing the final outcome of the Building Bridges Initiative
  • Designed and are implementing and advocacy Strategy on the Evictions and Resettlement Procedures Bill 2019
  • Responding to the delays within the Judicial System in relation to the protection of the Right to Adequate Housing for the urban poor,
  • We have received and compiled matters from the community actors which bring out the lapses in the Justice system on responding to affirmation of Land and Housing Rights,
  • We seek to have a Public Shadow Hearing forum for the communities to engage in highlighting their experience with the justice system in their journey to protect their rights,
  • We further seek to present the community with shadow decisions on the matters as well as highlighting the gaps that will need to be addressed for proper administration of justice,
  • We plan to conduct the legal aid clinics to enhance the legal support to community actors otherwise unable to have access to these service, These clinics will further enable us to have clarity on;
    • The overriding human rights issues in the different regions we operate in,
    • Matters we can take up as Public Interest Litigation with capacity to influence jurisprudence on Human Rights in Kenya.
    • Present avenues for communities to be linked with pro bono lawyers and the matters taken to completion should the need arise.
  • Conduct research on the innovative ways we can employ to achieve the preservation of Human Rights of our targeted beneficiaries as well as attain or gear toward the attainment of the organization Mandate.

Partnerships with different organizations working in the Land, Housing and Litigation sector

We have partnered with the Housing Coalition, Land Non State Actors (LSNSA), Kenya Land Alliance (KLA). Pamoja Trust, Muungano wa Wanavijiji, Social Movements from different informal settlements in Nairobi, KISORA, Coast Land Non State Actors.