1.0: Introduction

A community training meeting in preparation for the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Mapping was conducted at Grace House Resort on 8th November 2019. The meeting entailed analysis of the Nairobi City County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2018-2022 and identification of stalled projects in informal settlements in selected Subcounties in Nairobi City County. These included Kibra, Mathare, Embakasi Central, Langata, Kamukunji and Dagoretti South.

2.0: Methodology

Global Positioning System (GPS) Essentials App, installed on a tablet was used to Geo-locate the selected, identified, and verified project sites of the stalled projects in Nairobi City County. The GPS Essentials App uses orbiting satellites to pick the x,y coordinates of the stalled projects. The coordinates are saved as waypoints in a .kml format. The waypoints are embedded on an inbuilt real-time map in the App which enables the data collector to see the points in real-time during the process. The .kml format can also be visualized in Google Earth.

All the collected waypoints of the identified stalled projects in Nairobi County were exported and opened in ArcGIS software. The .kml file was converted to a shapefile/layer for easy symbolization and analysis. Maps of the individual project sites were created and exported as jpegs or PDFs, ready for publishing and sharing on the World Wide Web (www). Photographs of the current status of the stalled projects taken during field survey were also uploaded on to the final maps to further validate the project sites. The compatibility of GPS Essentials App with ArcGIS software makes it appropriate for data collection because the project sites can be viewed in real time on the maps. Moreover, there is the capability of sharing the feature layer of the stalled projects as a service using ArcGIS online, after which it can be published on the Web for future viewing, updating and monitoring of the status of the stalled projects. The monitoring aspect of the basic services which are very important to the communities they serve as public goods is very significant