The right of citizens to participate in governance processes is firmly anchored in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and various other legislations. This emphasis on public participation underscores the primacy that the drafters of the Constitution and the people of Kenya at large attach to this important tenet of democracy. The laws on public participation present citizens with an invaluable platform to influence planning, budgeting, and formulation of policies and laws at the national and county government level while ensuring the progressive realization of socio-economic and cultural rights that are also enshrined in the Constitution. The County Government of Nairobi has been in place for over four years. As the premier organization in governance matters, it was imperative for the Economic and Social Rights Centre – Hakijamii, to take stock of the county’s public participation processes. Hakijamii therefore commissioned this study to establish the policy, administrative and structural factors that facilitate or impede effective citizen participation in the governance of Nairobi County and to gauge the extent to which social movements can participate in key processes such as policy formulation.Hakijamii anticipates that the study’s findings and recommendations will inform policy, legislative and administrative reforms that will in turn lead to the realization of citizens’ rights to public participation and invariably contribute to the progressive realisation of Nairobi residents’ socio-economic rights.

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