On behalf of Hakijamii and the Board of Directors it is with great pride and accomplishment that I present to you the 2017 annual report. During this period, the organization continued to provide legal assistance and representation to victims of forced eviction. We conducted legislative trainings and advocacy on housing, health, education and water rights, and also conducted community based training on these issues. In 2017, we also worked to support and strengthen slum dweller federations in Nairobi and Mombasa. This report highlights several notable achievements. I am proud to celebrate these achievements and continued progress in the pursuit of improved programs, research, and knowledge for the millions of Kenyans living in urban and peri-urban informal settlements. 2017 marked an incredibly active year for Hakijamii, in addition to the many accomplishments featured in this report, I would like to highlight additional activities for which we are proud:
Continued response and support to communities: The two most important practical strategies we employed during the past one year was training and direct support for local actors and activities. The goal of our trainings was to enable local actors to independently advocate and realize their economic and social rights, such as the right to housing, to water and to a decent standard of living for local communities. To do this, our trainings focused both on “the what” and “the how” of Economic and Social Rights.. We were also able to support communities to enable them undertake their own activities to promote ownership within our networks.
Development of new strategic plan 2017-2020: Institutionally, we finalized the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 which lays much focus on not only advocacy of socio-economic rights but also monitoring and implementation of the same. All our initiatives are anchored in our theory of which is to promote the realization of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights through enhanced participation of marginalized groups. The purpose is to “increase the accountability and responsiveness of governments to the provision of services at all levels to its citizens. Our Strategic Plan serves as a detailed road map for our organization, marking the impacts we anticipate to achieve in the coming years, and at a high-level, describing how we plan to do this. We are very excited to share our plan and welcome you to take a moment to review it and share within your networks. As you read the report, I hope you will gain insight into the breadth and depth of our activities. As the Director of Hakijamii, I pledge to continue the quest for greater knowledge, better programs and enhanced capacity of marginalized and urban poor communities. They deserve to see the promises of tomorrow become today’s reality. The accomplishments over the past year and the work ahead depends on the support and contributions of our partners, donors and dedicated staff. I am immensely grateful to those individuals and partners whose energy and support sustains us.
Thank you and I look forward to another amazing year at Hakijamii.
Pauline Vata