Dear Partners,

Over 16 years since Hakijamii was founded, the organization has extended a reach to over 15 counties in Kenya serving people through human rights advocacy and helping the communities reclaim their economic and social rights. Hakijamii works with marginalized communities both in urban and rural areas. 2019 Hakijamii has been on the forefront in legal assistance and representation to victims of forced evictions, as we remain committed on strengthening human rights promotion through protection and fulfillment of economic and social rights with particular emphasis on land, water, education, budgeting, health and housing rights. Hakijamii eminently contributed to fighting for the rights of marginalized communities through combined efforts and to this extent we stand by our mission of putting people first.

But behind all this, it is the determination, bravery and sacrifice of Hakijamii staff, Board, partners and community in the country that we have recorded this success. This report highlights several notable achievements that I am proud to showcase and continue improving our work for the millions of Kenyans living in urban informal settlements. In this regard we wish to give our most appreciation to the following agencies for their support, both financially and ideologically: – The Ford Foundation, Misereor, Porticus, Comic Relief, Results Education Fund, Food Agricultural Organization- FAO and the Open Society Initiative for East Africa- OSIEA. To each one of you,our very special thanks and best wishes for the continued support. We hunger for more. We seek to build on past achievements, believing that strengthened and organized communities can effectively demand for their rights and be heard. Together, we will achieve more.

Yours Faithfully

Pauline Vata
Executive Director