Social Protection

The constitution now acknowledges social security as an economic and social right in Article 43(1) (e).

In realizing the role of social protection as a tool for alleviating chronic poverty in today’s fast growing economy and the need for cushioning people from unforeseen shocks of life and uncertainties of life, Hakijamii has been at the forefront in advocating for this right.

Hakijamii focuses on all three aspects of social protection;

  • Social security
  • Health insurance
  • Social assistance

Haki Jamii has been keen to analyze the social protection status in the country. In this regard, the organization engaged a consultant in July 2013 to review the various laws and policies in place in line with international standards and compile a report .

To achieve its objective for full realization of the right to social security, Hakijamii is working hand in hand with partner organizations and key stakeholders to create awareness at grass root level on the content of this right and sensitize communities on the various Laws and policies that have been set in place to facilitate implementation of the right to social security. Hakijamii has also developed, published and disseminated simple, easy to read material on social protection to increase awareness and understanding on this right.

Hakijamii is a member of the Social Protection Actors Forum (SPAF) an umbrella body that brings together CSOs working on different aspects of social protection in Kenya.

Hakijamii has also been working closely with the African Platform for Social Protection (APSP), the umbrella body that brings together different national platforms for social protection around Africa. APSP has indeed been a key partner, providing technical support in Hakijamii’s advocacy program in social protection by co-facilitating with Hakijamii staff in awareness creation workshops to grassroots communities.

Hakijamii is currently analyzing the social assistance Act, 2013 vis a vis the constitution and the social protection policy, 2012. This will inform its advocacy strategy regarding the social assistance framework in the country.

The organization is also currently reviewing the state of social protection in Kenya, the report will inform Hakijamii’s advocacy strategy on social protection.