Policy Research and Budgeting

Anchoring Economic, Social & Cultural Rights in County Planning Processes

The role of duty bearers and rights holders

Budgeting in Kwale & Its Impact on the Realization of Socio-Economic Rights 

This report proposes that in order to deal effectively with the socio-economic situation of these vulnerable groups, the County Government of Kwale must recognize their vulnerability and marginality…

Titanium Mining Benefit Sharing

It is hoped that this report will serve for the basis of open and candid discussion and negotiation between the different mining stakeholders in Kwale county with a view to ensuring that the burdens and benefits of the titanium mining project is equitably shared by all stakeholders.

Gender Responsive Budgeting

The law requires that both national and County goverment should adhere to gender responsive budgeting. It is already clear that the government mostly provides budget and policy data which is not disaggrated based on gender  (gender blind budget).

Barriers & Facilitators of Citizen Participation Governance Process in Nairobi County

The right of citizens to participate in governance process’ is firmly anchored in the Constitution  of Kenya 2010 and other legislation. This emphasis on public participation underscores the primacy that the drafters of the Constitution and the people of Kenya at large attach to this important tenet of democracy…

Budget Analysis 2017-18

During the week of Feb 21, 2017, Civil Society Organizations and citizens convened to discuss the 2017/18 Budget Estimates and to prepare this memorandum for Parliament’s Budget and Appropriations Committee.



Environment – Energy and Water Sector

 Budget Estimates Agriculture, Rural and Urban Development Fiscal FY 2016/17

The Nairobi City County Performance Based Budget

Urban Renewal and Housing Budget 2016  NCC


Nairobi Community Groups Input into the CFSP 2016

Budget Memo 2016

Opaque budget


Nairobi Budget for FY 2015-2016

Memoranda & Public Hearing of the Budget Estimates FY 2015/16

Kakamega County Budget 2015

Practical Citizen Participation in the Budget Process at County Level

Division of Revenue Bill 2016 Senate Submission

Citizen participation booklet revised

Citizen participation in budget booklet