Kisumu Social Rights Association known as KISORA is a human rights lobby group founded in 2007 as a coalition and network of community groups and individuals with collective actions towards the redress and respect of human rights.

The organization today enjoys great recognitions by local community groups with a total membership of over 2000 members under the membership of 40 groups mainly Women Groups, Youth Groups, Self-Help Groups, Support groups, lobby groups among others

In 2008, KISORA established community friendly human rights resource centre, which at the time was temporary and later in 2010 due to high cost of administration Kisora obtained support from Kios Foundation through ESRC-Hakijamii to set up a more permanent resource centre and an office. The support led to an acquisition of a 40ft shipping container which was later modified with Doors and windows to serve as a conducive unit for an Office and open space for community to access information. The modified shipping container was later placed close to the community for accessibility.