Isiolo Multi-stake Holder Forum is Hakijamii’s focal partner in Isiolo County. The said forum was established by Hakijamii and brings together several CBOs, CSOs, FBOs, Women Groups and Community Leaders from different Wards in Isiolo County. The forum has been collaborating with the organization in promotion of social economic rights in the areas affected by LAPSSET project in Isiolo County. The forum is made up of the following organizations:

  1. Ngaremara Community Development Program– This is a Turkana cultural heritage CBO. The CBO engages in promoting the cultural heritage of the Turkana community. They have a cultural Centre where they engage on bead work, community development, land issues, and also in promoting the Turkana culture.
  2. Turkana Cultural Heritage-The group started in 2006 as a self-help group to assist the members pay school fess for their children. The main aim was to assist families coming from the locality embrace education and school their children to leverage on the development programs that are targeting the region. The group has got 25 members and the majorly focused on building traditional houses, bead work and stemming destruction of the environment through discouraging charcoal burning.
  3. Women for Change- This is a ladies organization that started in in 2009. There were a lot of interethnic conflicts and women in most cases were in the receiving end. This frequently led to destruction of property and their coming together was as a social safety mechanism. The aim of the organization is to initiate information sharing among the women from the locality, support each other economically doing self-help merry go rounds, fight against female genital mutilation practices within the communities, heighten discussions on the HIV AIDs within their community and use theater to convey information affecting women.
  4. Isiolo Peace Link- The organization started way back in 2006 as a CBO and has been working closely with 5 major communities in the region. It was majorly a peace building institution incorporating the discussions on the Lappset corridor in their peace building programs. The main strategies that they have been employing include promoting community dialogues and the Lappset program advocacy strategies.
  5. Caritas- Caritas is a faith based organization whose name denotes, love for God. The organization has the following themes:-
  • Livelihoods
  • Peace building and Governance
  • Child safety and protection
  • Health and nutrition.
  1. Isiolo County Civic Education Office-This is a department of the county government. The main role of this department is to operationalize civic education within IsioloCounty.
  2. Council of Elders- It is made up of 6 members who represent the various communities in Isiolo County which are the Somali, Borana, Turkana, Meru, Samburu and other minority groups such as Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, Kisii among others. All the minority groups are represented in the Council of Elders by one of the elders. The elders play a central role in presiding over Alternative Conflict Resolution sessions and advising the communities when their advice is sought. In the past, they have always been engaged in issues of land conflicts in Isiolo County among other matters.
  3. Call for Change CBO- The group was established in 2005 with the objective of empowering youths, carrying out social audits and creating awareness of LAPSSET issues. The CBO is a member of Isiolo Human Rights Network (IHRN) a coalition which advocates on land rights, devolution and good governance.
  4. Pastoralist Women for Health and Education (PWHE)-Pastoralist Women was started as a welfare group in 2003 by a group of pastoralist women. It was registered as a CBO in 2005 and as an NGO in 2006. The organization currently has its operations in Samburu, Isiolo and Marsabit. It respects the dignity and diversity of pastoralist communities. The organization promotes participation of pastoralists in the development.