Health, Water & Sanitation

Ensure Availability & Sustainability Management of Water & Sanitation for All

SDG 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Water Sector Governance Framework In Kenya 2016 

Organization of the water sector under the Water Act 2016

Water Sector Governance Framework In Kenya 2002 

Organization of the water sector under the Water Act 2002

Water and Sanitation Scorecard for Mombasa County 2016

In the recent past Mombasa county has experienced severe water shortages. This is because the county heavily relies on neighboring counties for fresh water supplies. This not withstanding, service delivery has been a concern especially in terms of supply, water availability, pricing, quality and affordability…

Water Bill Booklet

Everywhere, at least rhetorically, all governments now accept the necessity of enshrining rights in national constitutions. This is one of the remarkable changes that have taken place in the short span of half a century. The bad news is that amidst all this, world poverty is increasing….

Health Newsletter

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the right to health means that governments must generate conditions in which everyone can be as healthy as possible. Such conditions range from ensuring availability of health services…

Water Sector Strategy Plan     

The looming national water crisis calls for a new understanding of the country’s water situation. We all need to appreciate the enormity of the problem, the urgency of the threats that confront us and the need for rapid and comprehensive national strategies to help arrest and revert the situation…