Economic and Social Rights Centre (Hakijamii)  is a National Human Rights Organization that partners with civil society organizations and marginalized community groups to advocate for their economic and social rights especially for the urban poor.

The constitution now acknowledges economic and social rights as human rights in Article 43. For this reason, Haki Jamii has been at the forefront in advocating for these rights including the right to education which is now expressly guaranteed in the article 43(1) (f) of the constitution, international and regional instruments.

is keen to work hand in hand with partner organizations and key stakeholders to achieve full realization of the right to Education and more particularly, free and compulsory basic education which is currently running as the free primary Education (FPE) program; more so for marginalized and vulnerable children.

In achieving this objective, Hakijamii is actively engaged in reviewing policies set in place for realization of FPE and engaging with community partners to create awareness on the right to free and compulsory basic education. The organization is keen to assess whether the FPE program meets the international criteria set out for realization of the right to free compulsory and basic education by analyzing the progress made by the government since inception, reviewing gaps and challenges that are still a major hurdle in ensuring accessibility and availability to free basic education especially for marginalized and vulnerable children.

In this regard, the organization is also taking a keen interest in engaging public interest litigation on the right to free and compulsory education to create novel and trend setting jurisprudence on this right in the country.