Mr. Lumumba
Mr. Lumumba is a human rights advocate and activist. He is the founder of the Kenya Land Alliance. He has served as a Civil Society African region member of the Governing council of the International Land Coalition from 2008 to 2013. He has had extensive experience in the public sector and has provided advocacy and technical support to Kenya’s land policy formulation process and the continental land policy process.
Mr. Ibrahim Mwathane
Mr. Ibrahim Mwathane is the chairperson of the Land Development & Governance Institute (LDGI). He has been involved in the development of the profession of surveying in Kenya, policy intervention in the land sector and driving land reforms at the national and continental level.
Terry Omondi
Terry Omondi has worked in Nairobi Women Hospital where she provided legal services to abused women. She is currently the Deputy Executive Director of FIDA Kenya. Ms. Omondi had also earlier worked as a program officer at FIDA, undertaking a number of public interests litigation on behalf of women.
Dr. Steve Ouma
Steve Ouma is the Executive Director of Pamoja Trust. He is a Doctoral Fellow at the center for Humanities Research (CHR) in the University of the Western Cape. He has made significant contributions in Human Rights and social justice work in East Africa as a political advocate, manager and an academic, and has wide-ranging interest in the interplay among various modernity’s.
Francis Kinyati
Mr. Kinyati is a community leader from one of the main slum areas in Nairobi and acts as the logical link between Hakijamii and community formations. He is a trained community para-legal.
Amina Hashi
Serves as a member of the task force set up by the National Land Commission to formulate the legislation of investigation and adjudication of complaints arising out of historical land injustices. She has previously served as a professional member of a task force set up by the Minister (Cabinet Secretary) for Lands and drafted the Community Land Bill and the Evictions and Resettlement Bill.
Pauline Vata
She is an ex-officio member and also acts as the Secretary to the board.