On  10th December 2017, Hakijamii in collaboration with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) organized the International Human Rights Day (IHRD) celebration in Kisumu. Other organizations also lined up various activities to mark this day. It is against this back drop that an evaluation meeting was organized to further discuss human rights issues that were emerging.

The organizations in the review highlighted some of the aspects that they felt have been enhanced with devolution concept, some of which include:

  1. There is enhanced visibility of the initiatives at the county level. This has positioned the civil society organizations in terms of adding their voices into the general county growth.
  2. The upgrading of health facilities with the sub county health facilities having ambulances and maternity wings have contributed to improved well being of communities
  3. The more emphasis of ECDE has improved early childhood education reach to many families.
  4. The formulation of policies and laws around water and sanitation to guide the water and sanitation sector. This has been further heightened by the implementation of water and sanitation programs.
  5. The engagement with the county assembly has been impressive as they have been receptive to civil society organizations.
  6. The recognition and motivation of Community Health Workers (CHWs) as a key pillar to the success of primary healthcare. This has further been bolstered by the attachment of health personnel to the village level particularly health interns.

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