Hakijamii led Isiolo residents in reviewing the Isiolo County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2013-2017. The review largely focused on development projects which promote access to basic services; mainly the health, water and sanitation, education and land & housing sector.

It was noted that a number of development projects which were implemented during the period stalled soon after launching. For instance, the procurement of 10 ambulances which were not in good condition and ill equipped to handle patients in need of special care. Residents also complained of Ngaremara High School where school girls were forced to walk up to 36 kilometers to and from to access education. They strongly suggested that even though it may not be a function of the county, Isiolo county should prioritize the procurement of a school bus in the next CIDP.

Hiring of ECDE teachers by Isiolo County was discussed in length and members indicated that averagely  every ECDE center has 6-7 teachers and majority of the teachers are not qualified.

After much discussion, the participants came up with the following lists of priorities to be included in the next CIDP:

  1. Construction of a well-equipped health center at Elsa.
  2. Purchase 10 well-equipped ambulances for each ward to replace the stalled ones in order to strengthen the referral network in the county. The previous set of ambulances have all broken down because they were being mis-used for ferrying goods.
  3. Construction of water dams at Lotiki, Shambani, Alamach Game and LMD to increase access to clean water for domestic use.
  4. Introduce rain water harvesting technologies at Lotiki Game, Shambani, Garba Tulla Town, Oldonyiro Ward and all hospitals, schools and manyattas.
  5. For Merti Water Project, install large water tanks at Merti and Cherab to supply water to the entire town.
  6. Renovation of Kinna Pipping System by replacing pipes and water treatment plant at Kinna Town.
  7. Under education: Construction of ECDE centers at each Primary School and support refresher courses for ECDE teachers.
  8. Construct a fully equipped Special School in Isiolo County to improve access to education for the physically and mentally challenged people within the county.
  9. Allocate resources for procurement of fire engines in order to effectively fight infernos within the county. Isiolo is one of the many counties which do not have a well-equipped fire-fighting department. When Isiolo market went up in frames, it was ambulances which rushed to the scene.
  10. To prevent grabbing of school lands the county should assist all public land to receive title deeds including land for primary schools which is in danger of being illegally acquired by private developers.
  11. Equip the polytechnic at Uhuru and establish village polytechnics in every ward to help in strengthening the human resources in the county.